Sharon Bowman’s “Training from the Back of the Room”

  • Change the Way You Look At Traditional Training And Maximize Your Return

    Greater Retention = Greater Profits

    Sharon Bowman’s Two-Day Workshop on Brain Based Learning
    “Training From the Back of the Room”


    •  Take your Training Program and Agile and Scrum Coaching to the next level. Perfect for technical, trainers and coaches who are looking for innovative ways of transferring knowledge to the learners and end users
    • Learn the latest “brain science” on how the human brain processes, retrieves and stores information.
    • Explore the most current “cognitive neuroscience” based instruction that provides effective performance based results for your adult learners.


     Maximize Results

    In this two-day workshop for technical and non-technical trainers, military and government as well as corporate executives, participants will learn effective cognitive neuroscience strategies that can be applied to any curriculum every time you train, teach, and coach. The Accelerated Learning Principles are complementary to any training program and has been adopted by the Project Management and Agile Coaching community throughout the world.
    Plain and simple – the training in this two-day workshop WORKS, because it is based on how our brains operate and is backed by the latest cognitive neuroscience learning techniques for effective instruction.



    Participants will learn a new instructional design and delivery model that has been successfully implemented by other trainers throughout the world.
    Participants will leave this 2-day, “train-the-trainer” workshop with a trainer’s tool bag of the latest practical brain-based instructional strategies they can use immediately in their own training program. They will also receive Sharon Bowman’s best-selling books “Training from the BACK of the Room” and “Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick”.   Sharon' Bowman's website is located at   She  has taken the Agile and Scrum world to a new level of training and coaching, as well as made an impact on the corporate training world!


    About The Instructors

    International Speakers and Trainers for Fortune 500 Corporations and US Government
    Certified Instructors for Sharon Bowman's “Training from the BACK of the Room”
    Cognitive Neuroscience Training Coaches

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