•  Fast Forward Training provides coaching to our clients on tailoring their own training programs to incorporate the latest cognitive neuroscience learning techniques. Our coaching incorporates Sharon Bowman’s “Training from the BACK of the Room” cognitive neuroscience concepts as it applies to adult learning.

    Our Training coaches:

    • Conduct a preliminary analysis of the your current training program and your audience to provide appropriate recommendations.
    • Provide guidance to your corporate trainers regarding the appropriate application of cognitive neuroscience strategies and tools.
    • Assist Fortune 500 Corporations and Training Executives in developing and adopting an Accelerated Learning Program based on the latest cognitive neuroscience research on how the  brain comprehends and retains information.
    • Provide coaching to Executive Training Program Managers and Project Teams in assisting the development of an Agile Manifesto for Accelerated Learning specific to the corporation and their goals.
    • Conduct a Post Implementation Assessment at the end of the coaching term to ensure training program goals have been met.

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