About Us

  • Fast Forward Training is revolutionizing the way corporations approach and deliver training programs.

    Business leaders are demanding more visibility and lucid verification that capital investments are delivering maximum results. Corporations and executives have more pressure to mitigate inefficiencies caused by poor utilization of traditional training methods.

    Fast Forward Training provides solutions to counteract these demands that many training executives face today.

    Although former methods of training are still used in today’s corporate environment, they do not take into account how the brain transfers knowledge and processes new information to long-term memory - traditional approaches to training are not enough.  By building a platform of cognitive neuroscience training techniques, applicable to any curriculum, we believe we have a relevant and sustainable solution that provides solid and concrete results.

    Fast Forward Training has a solution that adapts to a changing environment and accelerates knowledge transfer for optimal job performance. Our train-the- trainer program is content independent.  The difference is in our commitment to results and response to change. We take the time to get to know our participants by customizing each training event to maximize business value.  This is apparent in our team of cognitive neuroscience facilitators and coaches, who are passionate about this innovative approach and devoted to our clients’ success!  We believe this will transform the way you approach and conduct your training programs.

    Fast Forward Training has a reputation for consistent, exceptional performance that is structured around quality and agility giving our clients the current best practices based on the latest brain science research.

    We deliver effective training solutions that are based on our three core principles.

    • Innovative and Creative Solutions
    • Collaborative Engaging  Best Practices
    • Strategic Partnerships - transforming the world of training with today's leading experts


    Fast Forward Training has teamed up with Sharon Bowman’s Training from the BACK of the Room".  This accelerated learning approach has expanded into all corners of the world.  This instructional and delivery model has been adopted worldwide by Agile and Scrum Practitioners who seek to expand their skills in creating innovative and engaging workshops.  Sharon Bowman's website is located at www.bowperson.com

    In addition to our services, Fast Forward Training has teamed up with Intellectual Point, an IT Certification Corporation that provides the latest in IT cutting edge certification for corporations and government clients throughout the world through distant learning and instructor led delivery models.